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Smart Cameras Review

Types of Smart Wireless Cameras

Indoor Smart Security Camera

As the name suggests, this wireless surveillance camera is intended for indoor usage. For indoor cameras, durability and waterproofing shouldn’t be an issue, as well as wiring. Arguably, the most important qualities for indoor cameras are size, and how easily it can be installed and used. If you have children or pets in the household, you might also need to consider the safety, and how it will be mounted.

Outdoor Smart Security Camera

For outdoor applications, things get more complicated. First and foremost, wireless outdoor security cameras should be waterproof and weatherproof to withstand rain and snow. They can also benefit from having a wire-free installation from a built-in battery. Considering it might be located relatively far from your Wi-Fi router, a strong Wi-Fi receiver is also a must.

Key Features You Should Consider

Video Quality

Being a camera, video resolution should be your first consideration. 720p is the standard nowadays and will provide you with a nice balance of quality and speed (depending on your internet connection). There are products offering 1080p, or even 1440p resolutions, which is, of course, a nice luxury to have.

You should also consider how they performed at night. All of them should have some sorts of night vision technology, either with Infrared or native night vision technology.

Sound Quality

If it’s outdoor home security cameras, it’s good to consider whether the camera has some form of noise cancellation technology.

Smartphone App

Being a ‘smart’ security camera, it should be able to be monitored and controlled from a smartphone app. The quality of the app will vary with different manufacturers, and should also be a thing to consider.

Check how intuitive the smartphone app is, and how easy to monitor and control the camera. Can the app integrate with other smart home products or control several cameras at once?

Ease of Installation and Use

There’s no use of a smart security camera with all the rich features if it’s overly complicated, and will only add more headache instead of being practical. Some of the smart security cameras will come with a wire-free approach, some wired. Nevertheless, it should be simple enough to install, integrate, and control.

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